Since 2008 Jones Strawberry Farm has provided the community with some of the sweetest, best tasting strawberries around. The strawberries are ready for harvest beginning late April through early June. We sell them by the gallon and customers can pick their own or purchase pre-picked berries. Plugs are planted each fall to maximize fruit production. They are planted on plastic culture to help control weeds. We do not use herbicides or insecticides on our plants. Over the years we've grown multiple varieties including Camarosa, Chandler, and Ruby June among others.

During strawberry season, our hours of operation are dependent on the availability of berries and the weather. Times can vary day to day. Please check the Facebook page for daily announcements.

Strawberries are best when used the same day they are picked, but can last a few days when stored properly. Follow our tips below to make your berries last.


Keep the berries refrigerated. Do not wash or remove the caps until you are ready the use them. Once ready, rinse the berries with cool water and pat dry.


Wash and cap whole berries. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and place one layer of berries on the sheet. Freeze until firm, usually an hour or so. Remove from cookie sheet and place in freezer bag. This will prevent berries from freezing together.